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Building Equity by Integrating Tutoring into the Classroom

The importance of literacy extends beyond the classroom.

Ashley Jones | 29 September 2022 | 3 mins

Before online learning took root, tutoring services existed exclusively in-person, typically after-school. The process was almost always the same.

A student"s parent(s) would have to take the initiative to hire an after-school tutor. They would begin to search for a private tutor who matched their desired availability and had expertise in the necessary subject matter. The student"s parents would then take their child to the tutor"s home or make space for the tutor in their household. And the parents would have to pay the tutor out of pocket.

Earlier this yearUS Newsreported the average in-person tutor charges about 25 dollars an hour for basic subjects with the rate even reaching $49 per hour for specialized support. The cost is high, but the investment pays dividends. Evidence collected by theUS Department of Educationreports that frequent high dosage tutoring can lead to academic success. Strong grades and high board scores can create a pathway for college and, in turn, a higher paying career. But, not all families have the means to pay for private academic support. In an economy heavily impacted by a global pandemic, many parents are just trying to make ends meet.

When online tutoring is integrated into the classroom environment, every student gets the opportunity for specialized instruction.Tutoring extends beyond the small subset of students whose parents have the resources to hire a private tutor. The barriers of time, space, and money are lifted off of struggling families when online tutoring takes place in the classroom.

At Tutorfly, we’ve seen students make dramatic progress after attending customized online tutoring sessions in subjects like English Language Arts (ELA) and math. By integrating our instruction into the school day, we connect and enrich student learning in a regular cadence. And our program does not compete with after-school activities, so students never feel like they are missing out on extra-curricular fun.

When school districts and programs like Tutorfly work together to provide in-classroom tutoring, it creates an equitable educational experience for more students. It’s an important step toward building a more equitable future for all.