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Lifting Literacy Through Online Tutoring

The importance of literacy extends beyond the classroom.

Ashley Jones | 25 October 2022 | 3 mins

Basic reading skills are essential to life. From road closure signs to instructions on job applications, we are surrounded by words. Given this reality, non-readers face a future with limited options. As stated in Forbes, “low literacy prevents millions of Americans from fully participating in our society and our economy as parents, workers and citizens.” 

US literacy rates have been an issue for decades, but COVID disruptions made a bad situation worse, increasing the number of “at-risk” learners. DIBELS tests show a dramatic decline in literacy rates over the past three years. 

Help is clearly needed, but how should it be delivered? Online instruction has proven to be a very effective tool in increasing literacy. A Harvard study shows the substantial increase in both the academic performance and the psychological well-being of disadvantaged students who received online tutoring.

Companies like Tutorfly put this principle into practice, using highly-trained tutors to teach small groups of students during the school day. Pupils log on from their desks and receive focused, standards-aligned instruction. Spirits rise as reading foundations grow and scores improve.

The importance of literacy extends beyond the classroom; it is crucial to adult success. As the Forbes article explains, literacy is an issue with lasting impact, but it’s a problem that we can solve. Let’s get kids logged on and connected to tutors now - and build a nation of readers for the future