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How EdTech Helps Students
Ashley Jones | 25 October 2022 | 3 mins

Even with its limitations and challenges, the benefits of educational technology (affectionately called EdTech) are undeniable. Through technology, students experience a more accessible classroom in an efficient and engaging way. Additionally, EdTech provides pathways for excellent teachers to reach a greater range of students.

Distance created a barrier between an eager biology student in California and a renowned scientist in NewYork. But through the rise of educational technology, the biology expert can now tutor the student in California from her office across the country! With EdTech, barriers are lifted, students are supported, and education expands.

As a result of the advancements in modern technology, students have access to excellent instruction, whether they are at home or the classroom. During the height of the pandemic, we witnessed virtual learning on a mass scale. Due to web-apps, like Zoom and Google Classroom, a large number of students were able to stay connected to their teachers, even when schools were closed. Many challenges arose with the virtual learning model, due to the unanticipated transition and the fast, widespread implementation. Not every student had the resources to do well in a virtual learning environment. Knowing what we do now, schools are working to provide the tools and technology students need to excel in online learning.

Imagine what we can accomplish when institutions implement online learning at a reasonable pace with adequate preparation, and distribute the resources necessary for success. According to the Policy Education Center at Princeton University, 98% of all schools own computers. This means more students than ever before have access to a computer and, therefore, a more accessible learning experience with a myriad of possibilities.

Quality EdTech allows learning to go far beyond a textbook. Kids become immersed in the subject matter through engaging tools like videos, animation, games, and more. Learning the many facets of a cell on paper is wonderful. But zooming in on the layers of a mitochondria from a 360 angle provokes wonder. Teaching subject material is half of learning. The other half is cultivating environments where children are excited to learn. When kids are attentive to the lesson, they develop greater understanding of challenging concepts.

The benefits of educational technology are truly magnificent! At Tutorfly, we see the ways it helps students reach new heights every year.